Reviews: An Annotated Bibliography

(I'm 4'10" so prepare to see lots of “DIMINUTIVES” and “PETITES." Anyone else got a synonym for “tiny?”)

Spelling Bee at ACT of CT:

“If there is one performer who stands out just a little bit more, it is the touching Morgan Billings Smith as Olive Ostrovsky, who gets the best number in the show, ‘The I Love You Song,’ which truly pierces the heart.” — Zander Opper, Talkin’ Broadway —

“Morgan Billings Smith has a Broadway belt that makes her a favorite as the little speller Olive.” — Joanne Greco Rochman, The Ridgefield Press —

"‘The I Love You Song,’ is the most emotionally moving song and best from a musical perspective…beautifully and authentically performed by Morgan Billings Smith.” — Sean Fallon, Broadway World —

“Giving an utterly profound and gorgeous performance, Morgan Billings Smith is captivating. Her character’s sweet, innocent nature is apparent in her every move. Every inch of this actor is fully engaged with her character, and it is moving.” — Elizabeth Young, The Newtown Bee —

“The solid performances help, too, especially Miss Smith, a scene-stealer who sings the melancholy ‘My Friend the Dictionary’ with true longing and great feeling.” — Tom Holehan, Connecticut Critics Circle —

The Fantasticks at The Eagle Theatre:

"As Luisa, Morgan Billings Smith is the definition of winsome, both in her delicate soprano and her disarming attitude." Tim Dunleavy, DC Metro Theatre Arts —

Broadway’s Rising Stars at The Town Hall:

“Petite Morgan Billings Smith, who was on Broadway as a youngster in THE SOUND OF MUSIC, performed “The Trolley Song” with terrific animation and tap danced to boot! At intermission, the distinguished comedienne/singer Marilyn Michaels commented to me that she was especially impressed with Ms. Smith.” John Simon, Yonkers Tribune —

“Diminutive Morgan Billings Smith exhibited a large talent marked by a sense of fun to go with her show biz know-how. She ventured into risky Judy Garland territory singing ‘The Trolley Song’ from ‘Meet Me in St. Louis.’ But she fitted the number thoroughly to her own effervescent personality, and topped it off with amusing dance steps.” William Wolf, Wolf Entertainment Guide —

“Petite Morgan Billings Smith was a giant bundle of fire singing and hoofing to ‘The Trolley Song.’” Elizabeth Ahlfors, CurtainUp —

Elf National Tour:

“A couple notable standouts from the ensemble are Keenan Thompson…err I mean Darius J. Manuel as the Store Manager and Morgan Billings Smith as Deb, a fiery secretary. They should both be on the naughty list for being scene stealers.” Michael Woody, Dayton Local —

“Joining Micetish in leading this crowd-pleasing number was his father's secretary, depicted with petite, but fiery, pixie-like charm by Morgan Billings Smith.” John Brandenburg, NewsOK.com

“The comic standout is Morgan Billings Smith, as the diminutive but spunky secretary.”  TVJerry.com

Roxy Regional Theatre’s My Way: A Tribute to Frank Sinatra

“Billings (Smith), who is a diminutive actress, possesses a voice with a nice range and she brings the youthful spark of Sinatra to the audience. In fact, she very well could be one of those bobby soxers, who once squealed with delight over the crooner.” Karen Parr-Moody,  —

Various Concerts:

“His talent for comedy was front and center — especially, with the diminutive Morgan Billings Smith, on a “Short People Medley.” She, in a solo turn, performed “Mr. Snow” (Richard Rodgers/ Oscar Hammerstein II, Carousel), demonstrating excellent interpretive skills on both the long verse and body of the song. Believability was assured when she brightly sang, “And fish is my fav’rite perfume!”  Marilyn Lester, Nite Life Exchange —

“Patrick Cook and Frederick Freyer brought a nostalgic Rodgers and Hammerstein air to the concert with “Will You Know Me?” from The Rochester Knockings, sweetly sung by Morgan Billings (Smith)." Sarah Taylor Ellis, stageandcinema.com

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